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Our medical team consists of six physicians, seven full-time medical assistants, and several part-time assistants and trainees. Dr. Haggenmiller, Prof. Jeserich, Dr. Balke and Dr. Röther belong to the Medical Association (Ärztekammer) of Middle Franconia, seat in Nuremberg, Vogelsgarten 6, 90402 Nuremberg. To view the current medical licensing requirements, click here: Bavarian State Medical Association (Bayerische Landesärztekammer) Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bayerns
Dr. Haggenmiller
Prof. Jeserich
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Dr. Röther
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Herr Dr. med Stefan Haggenmiller Click here for more information. Herr Prof. Dr. med. Michael Jeserich Click here for more information. Dr. med. Jens Röther Dr. Röther was born in Freiburg im Breisgau and grew up mostly in the Black Forest. After studying medicine at Leipzig University Hospital and completing his doctorate, among others at Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA, he began his specialist training in Medical Clinic I II at Martha-Maria Hospital in Nuremberg and then moved on to further cardiological training at the University Hospital in Erlangen, where he became his specialist in internal medicine and did cardiology. Here he was able to get to know a very broad spectrum of cardiology and, in addition to the cardiological intensive care unit, looked after the university outpatient clinic, the echocardiographic laboratory, the pacemaker outpatient clinic and the department for cardiac computed tomography. During the training in the cardiac catheter laboratory, i.a. Cardiac catheterization and stent implantation performed. In addition to invasive cardiology, the research focus was also on modern heart imaging using cardiac computed tomography. Until March 2020, he worked as a cardiologist at the St. Theresienkrankenhaus in Nuremberg, where he managed the cardiac catheterization laboratory. Dr. Röther wrote several scientific articles and regularly took part in international conferences. The German Society for Cardiology awarded the additional qualifications for "Interventional Cardiology" and "Heart Failure" as well as a certificate for Cardiac Computed Tomography (SCCT-Level 2) from the American Society for Cardiovascular Computed Tomography. Dr. Röther lives in Nuremberg, is married and has two sons. Dr. med. Hannes Lindemann Dr. Lindemann studied at the University Hospital in Freiburg and did his doctorate, with study visits to Spain, South America and Switzerland. After graduating, he began his internal and cardiological training at the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart and continued this in cardiology at the University Hospital in Erlangen. Here he gained recognition as a specialist in internal medicine and cardiology and successfully passed the “European Exam in Core Cardiology” (EECC, formerly EEGC). At the University Hospital Erlangen, Dr. Lindemann last worked as a senior physician. Here he was able to get to know a very wide spectrum of cardiology and, in addition to the cardiological intensive care unit, over the years he was in charge of the university outpatient clinic, the echocardiographic laboratory and the cardiac arrhythmia clinic. A special focus of his work was the diagnostics and therapy of patients with cardiac arrhythmias using electrophysiological examinations as well as the surgical treatment with cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators (including CRT systems). Afterwards Dr. Lindemann worked as a cardiological senior physician at the St. Theresien Hospital until June 2022, where he implanted numerous cardiac devices and performed diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac catheter examinations and stent implantations routinely and as part of the 24-hour cardiac catheter on-call service for myocardial infarctions. Dr. Lindemann wrote several scientific articles and regularly took part in national and international conferences. He was awarded the additional qualification "Special Rhythmology - Active Cardiac Rhythm Implants" by the German Society for Cardiology. He also has the full certification "EHRA - Cardiac Pacing" from the European Society for Cardiac Arrhythmias and is a regular speaker for the German Society of Cardiology in the specialist course for CRT systems. Dr. Lindemann lives with his family in Nuremberg. Dr. med. Christoph Kestler Since January 1st, 2024, Dr. med. Christoph Kestler works in our practice. He was previously a senior physician at the Theresien Hospital and received cardiology training at the Erlangen University Hospital with Prof. Achenbach. We are very pleased that he is joining our team. He is on Königstr. and occasionally also in the branch office in the Sebalder Höfe. He is invasive and non-invasive, he carries out cardiac catheter examinations like the other doctors at the Steger Clinic, balloon expansion, stent implantations and cardioversions as well.
Dr. Lindemann