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Our diagnostic spectrum in cardiology and angiology encompasses: Resting ECG Exercise-stress ECG Holter-ECG and event recorder Long-term blood pressure measurement Echocardiography, including 3D echo, colour-and tissue-Doppler, and TEE (transoesophageal echocardiography) Stress echocardiography and diagnostic procedures using contrast medium Duplex exams of the carotids, trunk vessels and vessels in the extremities (arteries and veins) Pacemaker check-ups and programming Sonography Coronary angiography and in cooperation with Dr. Steger Clinic Nuremberg o PTCA / Stent Implantation (Prof. Dr. med. Jeserich, Dr. med. Röther) o Cardioversion (Dr. med. Kestler, Dr. med. Röther, Prof. Dr. med. Jeserich) o Pacemaker implantations (Dr. med. Röther) Peripheral Doppler print-outs and resting and exercise oscillography Laboratory tests (blood and urine), including emergency lab work As a new diagnostic method, MR (magnetic resonance imaging) exams of the heart (not covered by the public health insurers) As another new diagnostic method, spiral CT exams of the heart (not covered by the public health insurers) Ergospirometry Puls Wave Analysis (PWA)
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