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Practice Schickenhof
Medical practice of Dr. Haggenmiller and Prof. Dr. Jeserich Here you will be seen from Mondays to Wednesdays and Fridays by the highly-experienced senior physician Dr. Ulrich Reiser (specialist in internal medicine and cardiology). As before, on Thursdays, Dr. Schöngart (specialist in internal medicine, cardiology, and emergency medicine) is on duty. He has been a member of our practice for 10 years. Schickenhof 6, 90403 Nuremberg (in the Sebalder Hoefen): Consultation Hours Monday - Friday 8.00-13:00 Monday - Thursday 14:00 - 17:00 You can reach us at Tel: 0911/ 46 81 15
Arriving by car Where to park: Parking garage Sebalder Höfe. Arriving with public transportation Subway lines 2+3 Streetcar lines 8+9 Bus line 36 Note: It may be that Google Maps shows another house as Schickenhof 6. Please follow the map shown here to find us. Thank you!
Source: OpenStreetMap
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Information:  Mr. PD med. Bechtold left our practice for reasons of retirement as planned on 31.12.2018. However, he will still be acting as previously in the branch practice Sebalder Höfe.  We would like to thank you for the excellent long-time cooperation in our practice team! We understand that Mr. PD med. Bechtold now wants to spend more time with his family! But we are very happy that he will continue to work as a substitute doctor in our practice.  We are pleased that with Mr. Dr. med. Reiser we were able to win over a long-time very experienced and very competent cardiological senior physician for our practice in the Sebalder Höfe! Dr. med. Reiser performs cardiac non-invasive and invasive activities, such as cardiac ultrasound, exercise ultrasound, exercise ECG, long-term ECG, cardiac and vascular checkup, vascular studies including carotid artery and venous examinations (varicose veins, thrombosis), arterial examinations ( Intermittent claudication, etc.) as well as cardiac catheterization, stent implantations. Additionally, pacemaker controls, ICD controls. What's new is that we can also offer pacemaker implantations for you through Dr. Reiser.  Appointment for examinations as before under the Tel. 0911 - 46 81 15.  Yours sincerely Your practice team Dres. Haggenmiller / Jeserich