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Our group practice's main focus is on  cardiology, and we are specialised in both  the diagnostics and therapy of heart  diseases in all their complexity, as well as  in their prevention (i.e., atherosclerosis or  plaque screening).  Since 2004 our patients can benefit from a  new, non-invasive method referred to as  cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).  We work together with the Herz-Kern-  Zentrum (Heart MR Center) in Nuerbanum  (radiologists Dr Kirchberger and Herr  Maisch). For information and an  appointment, please contact us 
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In our practice in the Sebalder Höfen you  will be treated by PD Dr. med. Bechtold,  Dr. med. Kimmel and Dr. med.  Schöngart.  The practice offers the entire spectrum of  cardiological and angiological non invasive  examinations.  If you have, or are, specifically a vascular  patient (for follow-ups or check-ups as  well), please register directly at the  telephone number below:  Tel. 0911 - 46 81 15  Schickenhof 6 90403 Nürnberg  As in the past, cardiological exams are  carried out by Drs Kimmel, Schöngart and  Jeserich. IWe also offer ergospirometry in our  practice, an ideal new diagnostic method  for patients suffering from  
Video 1  This video shows the left ventricle and beginning of the  ascending aorta. You can also see parts of the left  atrium and right ventricle (in the upper half of the  image).
Video 2  This video also shows the left ventricle and in the  upper right, the left atrium; between them, the mitral  valve (opening and closing).  
shortness of breath, those with heart  failure, and for those who are very active  athletically, as a supplementary service  (as it is not covered by the public health  insurers); we can also provide printouts  of your cardiac performance during  training.   Furthermore, we offer the full spectrum  of cardiological and angiological  diagnostics. In addition to standard  cardiological procedures such as heart  catheterisation, CT and MRI, we offer 3D  echocardiography and a variety of  angiological services. Thus patients with  heart or angiological problems can  continue to be treated in our main  practice (Koenigstrasse 39) by our  certified specialists Drs Kimmel and  Schöngart.  
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