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After completing my study of medicine at the  University of Heidelberg, I pursued specialist  certification in cardiology and angiology at the  University of Freiburg under Professor Just. I am  certified in cardiology, internal medicine and  angiology.  My main fields of expertise during specialist  training in cardiology and angiology were in  ultrasound examination of the heart and vessels,  and in cardiac cathetherisation (including balloon  angioplasty).   My research activities were focussed on examining  heart muscle inflammation and potential  therapeutic approaches using vitamin C in patients  with high blood pressure, hypercholesterol, and in  smokers; my habilitation thesis addressed the  vascular system's endothelial-dependent  regulatory mechanisms.    I am currently researching cardiac inflammatory  processes via magnetic resonance technology, a  state-of-the-art imaging method. With this  technology we can detect cardiac inflammation at  an extremely early stage of development,  something other technologies cannot. This is  important, for instance, in the context of  influenza, tonsil infections, or bronchitis, as the  heart can often be affected without the patient's  being aware of it. Magnetic resonance (MR)  technology also plays a key role in monitoring  very physically active individuals who plan to  significantly reduce the intensity of their athletic  involvement.


German Cardiac Society ESC Professional Member Member of the DEGUM (German Association  of Ultrasound in Medicine)  American Heart Association Premium  Professional Member Member of the Working Group on  Interventional Cardiolgy of the German  Society of Cardiology Member of the Vietnamese Sociectiy of  Cardiology Member of the AFNET (Atrial Fibrillation  Network) 


Interventional Cardiology Hypertension  Non invasive imaging 
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